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Fire Safety.
Health & Safety.
Risk at the Workplace - Risk assessment services
We deliver low cost fire risk assessments for office, retail, leisure, pubs, theatre, agricultural suppliers, outdoor activities, industrial units and manufacturing facilities.
Costs are £120 per work activity, per floor, minimum = £240.
Annual review can be conducted in-house if no changes are made.
A full re-assessment is recommended after 5-years.

Workplace risk assessments will scan the business to identify improvements. Your work activities may include;    
Noise, Dust, Computer screens, Work at height, Chemicals, Lone work, Emergency evacuation, RSI, Vibration, Slips & Trips, Machine guarding, PPE, Face fit test, Adverse weather, Welfare, Public interface, 1st Aid risk.

Chemical risk assessments and user safety sheets will ensure  Coshh substances are controlled and used safely.
We provide: Staff safety training, Face fit tests, Coshh awareness and Coshh risk assessment courses.